Nobel Peace Prize Renews Focus On Child Labour

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize draws attention to child labor in India. I applaud the Nobel selection committee for recognizing Kailash Satyarthis for his great work to eliminate child labor in India.   Continue reading

A Partnership Made in Heaven

Feizy Rug Saphir #3786F

Feizy Rug Saphir #3786F

For some time now my husband and I have been searching for an area rug that we both love and meets fair labor standards. In case you are unaware, the rug industry is rife with child labor so I am excited to share with you the company we discovered this weekend. Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret Ignores Child Labor

On December 15th, The New York Post reported that Victoria’s Secret was using cotton picked by children in a line they promote as “fair trade”. This story was first reported by Bloomberg News Continue reading