Victoria’s Secret Ignores Child Labor

On December 15th, The New York Post reported that Victoria’s Secret was using cotton picked by children in a line they promote as “fair trade”. This story was first reported by Bloomberg News after their reporter, Cam Simpson, spent six weeks in West Africa following the plight of Clarisse Kambire, a thirteen year old who is documented picking cotton.

Victoria’s Secret claims their products are pesticide free, which is true.  However, according to the story, instead of using fertilizer children like Clarisse carry manure on their heads for days, over half a mile, to the fields from a pit maintained by the children.

Much of this report is based on a study that was not previously published.  A spokesman for Victoria’s Secret claims they were unaware of the source of their cotton.  While they may feel this absolves them from blame, Victoria’s Secret needs to be more diligent in learning where the cotton for the products come from and how their products are being produced, particularly when they are promoting the products as fairly traded.

For more details on this story please follow the links below.  There are videos of children in the fields of Burkina Faso in the Bloomberg story.

Bloomberg News – Victoria’s Secret Revealed in Child Picking Organic Cotton 

The New York Post –

Fox – Victoria’s Secret Accused of Using Materials From Farms Relying on Child Labor

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3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Ignores Child Labor

  1. So in response to Chris’ inquiry, I found another post on’s site that stands by the initial report regarding Victoria’s Secret and the use of child labor. This one is confusing for sure. Please follow the link below.

    Bloomberg News Reply

    If anyone has any more information regarding Victoria’s Secret and their use of child labor, please share.

    Fairwear until next time………..Constance


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