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Dirty Laundry 2: Hung Out to Dry  

This PDF from GreenPeace, published August 23, 2011, looks at major brands and their impact on the environment due to hazardous toxins that are released throughout their supply chains.  This campaign has proven successful at pressuring brands like adidas, Nike and Puma to acknowledge this issue and pledge to eliminate the practices contributing to the release of these deadly poisons.

Dirty Laundry     

This is the initial GreenPeace report on “unveiling the corporate connections to  toxic water pollution in China” originally published July 13, 2011. The most alarming aspect of these toxins is their “hormone-disrupting properties”. In my opinion, while environmental in nature this is just another way human rights are being trampled in the workers through out the supply chains of many large, multi-national brands.

CSR Means True Partnerships

This article is from Forbes CSR blog.  In it, Scott James interviews John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  Perkins’ view is that companies who will be successful in the future are those where CSR is an integral part of the company’s core competencies.  Milton Friedman’s business model where making money was the primary focus is outdated and a sure business killer today.

The Right to a Living Wage

This article is from the Labour Behind the Label website.

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care, necessary social services, and the right to security…”

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25.1

Wages – How the Workers See It

This article is from the Labour Behind the Label website and shares with you the perspective from a garment worker.  When asked why they accept excessive overtime work with no hourly increase, the explanation is they cannot afford not to.

Nike Promises Action on Worker Abuse Reports                                                               just-style, July 14, 2011, author

Companies Take Social Responsibility to the Next Level                                                         WWD, December 7, 2010 Author Liza Casabona

The Official BSR Blog – The Business of a Better World
The Great CSR Debate, September 17, 2010, by Aron Cramer, President and CEO

The Wall Street Journal
The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility, August 23,2010, By Aneel Karnani, Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M Ross School of Business
Corporate Social Responsibility: Wisdom or Window Dressing? by William Fisher, truthout

In this article William Fisher interviews Professor Chip Pitts, a leading authority on CSR. Professor Pitts lectures at Standford Law School and Oxford University on CSR and business/human rights. He also serves as the president of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

New York Times
Magazine to Publish a Corporate ‘Black List’

Corporate Responsibility Magazine
100 Best Corporate Citizens 2010

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