While a graduate student at DePaul University I produced this video for a Larger Context course I was taking.  I examined the impact globalization has had on businesses.  Generally my projects focus on the apparel and textile industries but this video includes other business as well.

Part I Challenges From Larger Contexts – 2011

Part II The Great CSR Debate – 2011

Part III Why Should Businesses Care About Human Rights – 2011

Part IV Toward a Safe, Just Workplace – 2011

Part V John Ruggie on the Future of CSR – 2011

We Shop, Who Pays?  Copyright 2003

It should be noted here that H&M, prominently featured in this video, has recently been awarded the Fair Labor Association’s (FLA) accreditation for substantially complying with FLA’s codes.

June 4, 2012

H&M’s CSR Report has recently been ranked in the Top 10 by Triple Pundit.

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