A Partnership Made in Heaven

Feizy Rug Saphir #3786F

Feizy Rug Saphir #3786F

For some time now my husband and I have been searching for an area rug that we both love and meets fair labor standards. In case you are unaware, the rug industry is rife with child labor so I am excited to share with you the company we discovered this weekend.

Here is the rug that we ordered from Feizy Rugs. While this is a machine woven rug, Feizy Rugs does produce hand knotted rugs as well.  As an example of their commitment to conducting business in a responsible manner, they recently partnered with The Global Fund for Children (GFC) in an effort to benefit children around the world who find themselves on the edge of society.

The GFC “finds and invests in innovative grassroots organizations that operate under the radar, serving the world’s most vulnerable children in more than 60 countries: street children, trafficked children, refugees, AIDS orphans. We support these organizations with financial resources, management training, capacity building and technical assistance to help them achieve their vision, become sustainable, and reach even more children in need”.

Check out both Feizy Rugs and The Global Fund for Children.

Fairwear until next time…..

Feizy Rugs Partners with The Global Fund for Children to Benefit the World’s Most Marginalized Children | Global Fund for Children.


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