Radical Transparency – Everlane

I recently stumbled upon an online company that I think everyone should know about – Everlane.  Based in California, Everlane was launched three years ago by Michael Preysman on the premise that “less is more”.

Always Ask Why

Know Your Factory. Know Your Costs. Always Ask Why

The main reason I am posting about Everlane is their willingness to be transparent. Here they actually walk you through how much it costs to make various products they sell.

On a recent visit to China their blog was filled with pictures of the factories they visited.

Here is the breakdown of where their products are produced. Sandals, tees and French Terry in Los Angeles; Bow ties/ties in New York City; Belts in San Francisco; Totes in Texas; Scarves in Scotland; Towels in Turkey; Silk, backpacks, weekenders, cashmere, and PK in China.  Future plans include handbags in Italy and wallets in Spain.

Check out Everlane’s recent press coverage here.

I recently read the following suggestion. Everyday wear at least one item of clothing of which you know the origin. Unfortunately I cannot locate the name of the Indiana author who said this. If anyone out there can help me, please comment here. Anyway, Everlane will certainly make this an eminently easier task.

Fairwear until next time…..

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