Levi Strauss Pledges Zero Discharge by 2020

ECOTEXTILE News reports Levi Strauss has joined adidas Group, C&A, H&M, Li Ning, Nike, Puma and G-Star in a commitment to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in their supply chain by the year 2020.

This Detox campaign was launched in July 2011 after Greenpeace exposed a major link between the pollution of Chinese waterways, primarily the Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas, and the textile industry (watch video below). “Further investigations by Greenpeace revealed that shoppers around the world are buying contaminated clothing and unwittingly spreading water pollution when they wash their new garments”.

Greenpeace Dirty Laundry Report

This writer is certainly pleased to learn that Levi’s has joined the ranks on this important initiative.  Let’s just hope that other major brands will make a similar commitment sooner than later.

Fairwear until next time…….

3 thoughts on “Levi Strauss Pledges Zero Discharge by 2020

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