Follow-up to GoodWeave USA

GoodWeave Logo and Label

Thanks to April Thompson at GoodWeave USA, I have some additional links to share with you.  Recently CNN International covered GoodWeave in their Freedom Project.  The first clip is from April of this year, titled Certifying your rug is slave labor-free.  In this clip Nina Smith, the Executive Director of GoodWeave USA, is interviewed by CNN’s Maggie Lake.  This is a great clip to learn more about this great organization and how they certify rugs.

The second clip, GoodWeave works to end Nepal child labor, aired June 13, 2011.  In this video, CNN Producer Gena Somra, talks with children, some that began working in a carpet factory at the age of 8, who have been liberated by GoodWeave USA.  This organization not only rescues children from unlawful working conditions, they fund their education through tenth grade or until the child reaches 18.  It is the education component that will break the cycle for these children and provide them with a brighter future.

Watch these insightful videos and let me know what you think.

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