Walking The Talk: 2011 World’s Most Ethical Companies

Ethisphere Logo

Beginning in 2007, the Ethisphere Institute began recognizing companies that go beyond talking about operating ethically and actually “act” on those statements.  This year a total of 110 companies made the listWithin the apparel and footwear industry, the following five brands were recognized:  addidas, Comme il Faut, Gap, Patagonia, and Timberland.  The last three companies are American corporations.

Under Internet companies, Zappos was the only winner.  Finally, under specialty retailers, the Swedish company Hennes & Mauritz, otherwise known as H&M, made the list along with Ten Thousand Villages.

Doing Good Results in Higher Profits

This graph, from the Ethisphere Institute site, shows that companies who operate ethically are being rewarded financially.  Given the widening gap between ethically run companies and others on the S&P 500, one might wonder why more corporations aren’t jumping on board.

Graph courtesy Ethisphere Institute

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