Timberland Hikes Up Their CSR Strategy

Timberland's blog logo

Several articles/posts this week covered Timberland and their focus shift with their CSR strategy.  One of these articles, Responsible Boots: A Peek into Timberland’s Post-Merger Future, by Aman Singh,  stood out from the rest.  In this article, Ms. Singh interviews Mark Newton, Timberland’s new vice president of CSR. Mr. Newton discusses the new CSR portal and also Timberland’s recent merger with VF Corporation.  When we first learned of this merger, concern over Timberland’s ability to maintain their integrity in regards to their CSR efforts came to mind.  By pointing out that the two companies have partnered for several years prior to the announcement of this merger, Mr. Newton offers reassurance that Timberland is in good hands.

A quote from Jeff Swartz, Timberland’s CEO, at the annual GreenBiz conference jumped out as well.  “You cannot always wait for consumer demand to dictate your decisions”, he said.  This is often what companies in the apparel industry do.  It is, in fact, the backbone of this blog to encourage consumers to speak with their wallets so that companies and corporations will make the changes necessary to improve their social responsibility footprint.  It is refreshing to see a company whose purpose is to push us along instead of the other way around.

I encourage you to follow the links here for some interesting reading and revealing insights.  As always, let us know what you think.

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