Levi Strauss Promotes Water-Less Jeans

Levi jeans was made with world water shortages in mind

An article this week in The New York Times, Changes in the Air Stone-Washed Blue Jeans (Minus the Washed), by Leslie Kaufman highlighted Levi Strauss‘ recent focus on water consumption throughout the life cycle of a pair of jeans.  Levi’s has calculated that 919 gallons of water are consumed during this time. Continue reading

Give Gifts That Keep Giving

It has been a while since I have written about Fair Indigo in Madison, Wisconsin, but after looking through their holiday catalog that I received this week the timing seems perfect.  I have always been drawn to this company whose tag line is “Style With A Conscience”, but in these times when many Americans are out of work I am pleased to see that their Made In America offerings have increased. Continue reading