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I am currently in the process of launching constance, a line of luxury handwoven textiles for fashion and home. I am a former Associate Professor in the Fashion Design Department at The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago campus. And I am passionate about fair trade in the textile and apparel industries.

Cambodia textile factory offers new model to improve workers’ lives | Sam Jones | Global development | The Guardian

I came across this article in The Guardian yesterday and had to share it with you.  So exciting to read there are factories working to protect their workers while running a successful textile factory.  Please follow this link directly to Sam Jones’ article in The Guardian.

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South-east Asia’s garment industry has a bad name but decent wages, childcare and labour rights are high priorities for one company breaking the mould.

Source: Cambodia textile factory offers new model to improve workers’ lives | Sam Jones | Global development | The Guardian

The True Cost by Andrew Morgan


It has been far too long since my last post.  I hope there are still some readers out there who are interested in fair trade in the textile and fashion industries.  I just watched “The True Cost”, a powerful documentary on the staggering cost fast fashion is having on workers in the garment district in developing countries, primarily young women.  A secondary problem with our rabid consumption of fast fashion is the impact on our landfills.  This movie also shows the parallels between greed versus the well-being of our environment.

This movie is a must-see for everyone!!!  Please watch this trailer and then considering paying $10 to watch the entire movie.

The True Cost

Fairwear until next time……

Nobel Peace Prize Renews Focus On Child Labour

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize draws attention to child labor in India. I applaud the Nobel selection committee for recognizing Kailash Satyarthis for his great work to eliminate child labor in India.   Continue reading