How to be Transparent in your Supply Chain

How to be Transparent in your Supply Chain is a great article by Charlie Ross of The Swatch Book on the importance of transparency to your brand. In the article he also points to some brands, Patagonia, HonestBy and Nudie Jeans, three brands who are serious about ethical fashion and transparency in their supply chains.


Photo by Carry Somers, Fashion Revolution

I encourage you to read this article to learn more about about how you can monitor the brands you by from or if you are a designer, what changes can you make to improve your footprint in our environment.

For designers there are also some tools listed to help you move your brand to transparency.  The first tool is Sourcemap, Inc that offers a data driven approach to sustainability. Good news, for individual designers like myself, you may try the Open plan for free!

Caretrace is a website that allows you as a designer to tell the story behind how your product was made. How cool is this?! It appears food items are the only listings at this time. Let’s go fashion designers….

Cotton Connect Org is a great site dedicated to sustainable cotton. This site is ideal for both the consumer and designer. Not only will you learn about brands that are committed to using ethically sourced cotton, as a designer you will learn where to purchase organic cotton and cotton that promotes safe work environments for their workers.

Clothing Traceability is the project allowing QR Codes to store the story behind a product. This website has not been updated for several years but there are still many interesting stories and links on this site.

Thanks for reading!

Fairwear until next time……..

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