Do as I say, not as I do…..US Government

Here is a must read article for U.S. citizens regarding how our government continues to purchase clothing from companies who do not comply with fair labor practices.  Ian Urbina  highlights some staggering statistics such as these:

Children as young as 15 are employed in some of the factories making garments for the US government, safe drinking water is not available, and bathroom breaks are restricted or not allowed at all.

While the government has encouraged retailers to step up and pressure Bangladesh to improve factory conditions, “defense officials this month helped kill a legislative measure that would have required military stores, which last year made more than $485 million in profit, to comply with such rules because they said the $500,000 annual cost was too expensive”. (

Made in Haiti – video from the New York Times

Please follow the link above to view a short video from a factory in Haiti that supplies the US government and click on the link below to read this entire article.

U.S. Flouts Its Own Advice in Procuring Overseas Clothing –

Fairwear until next time…..

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