Save the Garment District in NYC

Here is a link to Save the Garment Center website.  There is a wealth of important information here.  For example, below is pulled from a section called How You Can Help.

Look at the label! Where was your clothing made? There are ramifications of wearing the clothing we wear and the products we buy no matter where they are designed and manufactured. Behind every product are real people whose livelihood depends on the purchase of that product. American made business can use all the help it can get to help it grow.

Important Statistics: A recent Moody’s Analytics report noted that if consumers spent an extra 1% on U.S. goods, it would create 200,000 jobs.

“Recent reports verified by Merrill Lynch indicate that if each American spent an extra $6.41 on U.S. made goods each week, this alone would create almost 1 million new jobs. This equates to less than one dollar per day to save the U.S.A.,” said Mark Bloome, founder of TAP America.

Buy American: A Dollar A Day Saves the U.S.A.

Save the Garment Center: Made in NYC | Save the Garment Center

Fairwear until next time…….

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