Nike Agrees to Help Honduran Factory Workers

As an example of how large companies will respond if consumers speak with their wallets, on Monday, Nike, under pressure from the Worker’s Rights Consortium in Washington, D.C., the United Students Against Sweatshops, and several large colleges and universities, agreed to help displaced factory workers in Honduras after the factories where they worked closed.

This is a great story and one that exemplifies the power consumers have today to affect change. If you doubted the influence speaking with your wallet holds, please read the coverage of this recent agreement between Nike and Central General de Trabajadores, the Honduran labor federation representing the workers of the now defunct Hugger and Vision Tex factories.

New York Times article
Time Magazine article
Wall Street Journal article
In These Times article
WWD article

2 thoughts on “Nike Agrees to Help Honduran Factory Workers

  1. Great example. Appreciate the links as I learned even more by pursuing them. USAS is making a huge difference in the DR, which is near and dear to my heart.

    Thanks for bringing this all together. Do you provide a ‘subscribe feature’ that alerts to new news on the site?


    • Thanks for visiting the site again, Carolyn. I plan to offer RSS in the future – hopefully sooner than later. I will definitely let you know when it is available. My plan is to offer a weekly post so until the RSS is up and running I hope you will continue to check in.


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