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This page will provide links to information that has been published regarding the business practices of brands and companies in the apparel and textile industries as it relates to their social compliance or code of conduct policies. All links posted will be from leading organizations in the human rights arena such as, but not limited to, The International Labour Organization, Business and Human Rights Resource Center, World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation, Clean Clothes Campaign, and the Carnegie Council.

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  1. This is going to be a great resource. All these organizations are doing wonderful things, but it’s tough to keep track of the changes among companies that are/were violators or model corporate citizens.

    Companies will only change their behaviors if enough customers vote with their pocketbooks. So keep us informed – and maybe we can all make a difference that truly matters.


  2. I agree but note that there are many companies on whom the information is not yet available. As consumers, how do we also learn how to raise the issue ‘in the moment?’ For example, today I was shopping for shirts in LL Bean and noticed they were manufactured in Thailand. I started to ask the salesclerk about LL Bean’s policy on fair trade, then hesitated with such thoughts as: “would she even know” and “will she think I’m harrassing her?” In the end I talked myself out of it. Yet, I wonder, even if the salesclerks don’t know now, aren’t they more likely to inquire if customers want to know the answer?


  3. Carolyn,

    Thanks for your comment. I will look into L.L. Bean for you and try to provide some relevant information. Please give me a week or two to see what I can find.



  4. I have checked into L.L. Bean’s social compliance and they appear to be a company that is serious about their policies. In 2006 the National Labor Committee reported on a factory in Jordan with abhorrent labor infractions that L.L. Bean used. Bean hired an independent auditor, as well as requesting the Jordanian Ministry of Trade, to check into these allegations. Both groups found that Maintrend, the factory in question, was in fact operating following accepted human rights standards. On their website (see link under Companies), L.L. Bean invites you to contact them with questions. This is a great way to let companies know that you care about how they conduct business.


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