North Face Deathtraps: Never Stop Exploiting

North Face logo

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) first ran this story on June 27.  I realize many of you may be North Face fans, but this is disturbing.  USAS has asked Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) to remove North Face products from their shelves.  REI has refused to do so, probably because so many consumers purchase North Face products.  I understand that in tough economic times, companies are reluctant to cut a popular brand that sells well.  I am not against North Face or REI, but I would ask North Face and VF Corporation to take a look into their manufacturing practices and make the upgrades necessary to ensure that all workers are safe.

For the full story, please follow the link below to formulate your own opinion on this story.

Over 50 Workers Injured In Yet Another Disaster at a VF Corporation Factory | North Face Deathtraps: Never Stop Exploiting.

Let me know what you think.

Fair Wear Until Next time…….

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