Uzbek Cotton Update

The CNN Freedom Project recently reported on the use of child labor in the harvesting of Uzbekistan cotton.  Follow the link below to read the story and/or watch the video.  On a positive note, last fall’s harvest showed a reduction in the use of the very young, but high school and college age students were still forced into the cotton fields.

Cotton Exporters Using Child Labor

Consumer pressure appears to be working – let’s keep it up!

Fairwear until next time….

2 thoughts on “Uzbek Cotton Update

    • Hello Thomas,

      I apologize for not citing your photograph. As an artist myself, I never want to infringe on anyone else’s work. A quick sampling of photographs on my site shows they are cited. Given this post was made a while ago, I cannot honestly say how this happened. I have removed your photograph from my post and will certainly be more careful going forward.

      I am always interested in keeping my readers apprised of human rights violations in the textile and apparel industries. If you ever have anything that is appropriate for and would like coverage on my site, I would welcome it.

      Thank you for your email.

      Fairwear until next time…. Constance


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