What do Patagonia and GM have in common?

There is no denying that publishing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report in today’s global environment is the politically correct thing to do, but here are ten companies who are being recognized for providing the reader with solid, proven results as well.  For more in-depth coverage, follow this link to Triple Pundit’s article 10 Outstanding CSR Reports.

Four of the ten companies are from the apparel and cosmetics industries. It is not surprising to this writer that the top two spots are held by Nike and Patagonia, two leaders in the apparel industry when it comes to corporate social responsibility.  The other two spots are cosmetic giant L’Oreal at #6 and H&M at #8.

Patagonia has gone so far as to register as a B corp.  This is a relatively new type of corporation for companies looking to redefine success in business by using the power of business to solve social and environmental issues.  B corps will be covered in more depth in an upcoming post, however if you are interested you may follow the link above to learn more now.

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Fairwear until next time…..

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