Puma Switches to Biodegradeable Bags

  Clever Little Bag

I am stepping outside the normal human rights issues with this post because I just watched the coolest video showcasing Puma’s new shopping bags. But let me back up a minute. After viewing this video I went to Puma’s website to find more information about these Clever Little Shopping Bags and I discovered their first foray into biodegradeable packaging was with their shoeboxes, or should I say shoe bags, (shown above). Click on the link, Clever Little Bag above, to learn more about this innovative way to package shoes. Some of the key features surrounding the new ‘shoebox’ are:

*Uses 65% less paper
*Reduces water, energy, and diesel consumption by 60% per year
*Reduces carbon emissions by 10,000 tons a year

Now, back to the new bags that originated this post. They are called “Clever Little Shopper” and are made from 100% cornstarch. That’s right, cornstarch; it’s not just for thickening gravy anymore. These bags will biodegrade into compost within three months…Amazing! However, if you cannot wait that long, simply follow the directions in this video below to dissolve your Puma bag in three minutes, that’s right, three minutes!

Clever Little Shopper

Let me know what you think of Puma’s new biodegradeable packaging.

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