Fair Indigo Style With a Conscience

Fair Indigo Foundation

Image: Manchay School in Peru funded by Fair Indigo Foundation

Finding stories about large companies that are doing good is sometimes challenging. So for this post I decided to spotlight a smaller company that was founded on the principles of producing styish clothing while paying fair wages. I first encountered Fair Indigo in September 2008 while reading a New York Times story A Click on Clothes to Support Fair Trade: IS Middle American Ready for fair-trade apparel?

Fair Indigo was started by former Land’s End employees who wanted to bring a new business model to the apparel industry. Everything sold through Fair Indigo is produced in factories or cooperatives where workers are paid above minimum wage and treated fairly. For every item sold you may read about workers from the facility where the product was made.

I have been pleased with all purchases made from Fair Indigo. The customer service is great and they have products for women, men, babies, and accessories. Some of my favorite purchases have been for babies and accessories.

In addition, the founders created Fair Indigo Foundation to help educate children in the countries where they do business. It is through education that poor children in these countries will be able to rise above the level of their parents. Fair Indigo covers all administrative and fundraising costs so that every dollar raised goes to the intended mission of the foundation.

So if you are looking for a company to support who is operating under ethical standards in regards to human rights, please check out Fair Indigo.

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